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Viper is the leading manufacturer and formulator. We make and develop our own products. This means you get fresher products made on demand unlike our competitors, who have to stock products on their shelves for weeks even months while the product gets old. With Viper you get consistent products developed to work and provide the highest quality in the industry. Viper is also the leading inovator, we have developed more products than all the competiors combined and we continue to develop cutting edge technologies to help our customers be the best. No other company can give you the quality and expertise that we can with over 35 years of industry experience in the field and in the lab. You can trust Viper to provide the industires best products.

new product development

Viper is the leader in new product development. With over 35 years of experiance you can trust Viper to provide the highest quality products in the industry. Unlike our competitors we develop and manufacture our own products, this gives us the ability to provide a consistent product on demand. This means you get a fresher product since we do not have to stock alot of premade products that can sit on a shelf for months. This also allows us to develop new products that our competitors cannot, since they just repack and sell someone elses products. If you want the best Viper is the best choice.