Viper is the industries best selling performance brand.  We use state of the art technology to develop our products. We are one of the only companies in this industry that actually formulates and  makes the products we sell to our specifications  This is why Viper offers the best tech support and products in the industry, and we are constantly developing new products. Our products are used world wide by top techs. We also private label products for many other companies

Viper Products is owned by Tom Piontek. who has over 30 years of chemical experience. Tom also works on lots in the field which allows him to have a hands on knowledge of the problems techs face and how to over come them. We use industry specific chemists to help us develop and make  our high performance products. So we have the knowledge to develop the products that our competitors cannot develop, making Viper unique. Many companies come to Viper to help them develop products that no one else has. We are the industry source for product development.