Viper Pro 360 Vinyl and Leather System (1 week Lead Time Required )

Type: Unknown Type
Vendor: viper new


This system gives you everything you need to get up and running in  Mobile interior repair with our advanced cordless tool options you can do repairs anywhere  All Systems are custom built and require a 1 week  lead time to be produced  Sometimes it can be produced in less time it just depends on  the current  orders in house .

System Include 

1- Polycryl Color Lock Matching System

1- Mini Spray Gun

1- Cordless Heat Gun

1- Mini Heat Gun 

1- 4 oz FX-10  Low Temp Heat cure 

1- 4oz Duraflex  Heat Cure 

1-4oz  XR-10 Air Dry 

1- 4oz XR-11 Air Dry 

1- 4 oz XR -12 Air Dry 

1- Dura Grip Adhesive  4 oz 

1- Texture Paste 4 oz 

1- Pro -Tex Texture Spray  4oz 

1- Grain Max Texture  4oz 

2- Pallet Knifes

2- Power gel  CA 

1- Flex gel Clear CA 

1- Flex Gel Black CA 

1- Aerosol Kicker  6 oz 

 1- Debonder 2 oz 

1-Chill Bar 

1- Grain Pod Set 

1- Grain Pro Kit 

1- Grain Pro Refill Cartridge

1- Sub Patch 

1- Mini Mesh 

1- Sand Paper Set 

1- Silicone Remover  32 oz

1- Leather Prep  32oz

1- Poly Clean  Cleaner 32 oz 

2- Preval Sprayers

12- Mixing Bottle 4 oz