Viper Pro Basic Interior System ( Lead Time Required )

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Vendor: viper new


This system gives  you all the basic tools and products you need to start doing Interior Repair. All Viper Systems are custom built to order so there is a one week lead time required..Often  times the Systems ship in less then one week it just depends on current orders in house .

System Include 

1- Polycryl Blended Toner Set  ( 8 Colors mixing by eye)

1- 40 Color  Velour Kit 

1- Fabric Sheild  

1- VSA 

1- Flex  Fill Velour adhesive 

1 - Flock Pro Tool 

1- Sewing Needle Kit 

1- Badger  Air Brush 

1- Canned Air 

1- Dual Temp Heat Gun

1-FX-10  Low Temp Heat cure 

1- 4oz Duraflex  Heat Cure 

1-4oz  XR-10 Air Dry 

1- 4 oz XR -12 Air Dry 

1- Dura Grip Adhesive 

1- Texture Paste

1- Grain Max  Spray Texture  

2- Pallet Knifes

2- Power gel  CA 

1- Flex gel Clear CA 

1- Flex Gel Black CA 

1- Aerosol Kicker

 1- Debonder

1-Chill Bar 


1- Set  Grain Putty Pods(4 Pad Kit ) 

1- Sub Patch 

1- Sand Paper Set 

1- Silicone Remover 

1- Leather Prep 

1- Pro Strip 

1- Poly Clean  Cleaner 

2- Preval Sprayers

12- Mixing Bottle 4 oz