Color Lock Matching System

viper new

$ 995.00 


This is our state of the art mobile color matching system it feature a blue tooth color sensor that will read the color and pick the closest color from our auto match colors.Then it will send the information to your cell phone in seconds with the color and a formula to make it .This will help you get to the color faster then anything else on the market today All in a very compact system

System Includes

Color Lock  Sensor

Viper Color Library

Gram Scale

1- Set Mixing Pigments 18 ( Colors)

2- 24 oz Low Gloss Clear

1- 24 oz Gloss Clear

1- 24 oz  Super Clear

1- 8 oz Safe Link

1- 8oz Grip Base

1-8oz Aniline Base

1- 4 oz Slip base Low gloss

1- 4 oz Slip Base gloss

1- 8 oz Plastic Primer Base

1- 8 oz Plastic Coater Topcoat

1-2 oz Thickener